The fashion industry is well known for its come backs, that’s why Vintage fashion is bigger and better nowadays.  During my buying trips to New York and Paris, we always spent at least 1 full day trailing every single vintage shop there was. From Manhattan to Williamsburg to Brooklyn, every vintage shop was visited on every trip..

This season sees the return of the 90’s inspired Bum Bag, Belt bag, fanny pack or whatever you want to call it. The diverse accessory which was once seen to only been worn by the snap-happy tourists is officially “in” once more. But the difference this season is that they are seriously Chic. Instead of the 90’s nylon we are seeing various types of materials, prints and colours.

High-end designers such as Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton and Gucci and many more have all been in on the act, catwalks showcase this trend in a big way.


The options on how to wear them are endless. Wear it on your hips, across the body, through the loops in your favourite pair of jeans or layered over the top of a jacket to cinch in the waist and finally the strap can be worn as a belt…. A Changeable bag

This hand free trend is getting bigger and bigger and the desire for handbags that offer functionality and convenience are becoming an essential


The rule to getting the bum bag trend right is to wear it with pieces you would least likely pair it with and never pair it up with tourist clothing, so that’s polo necks, cargo shorts defiantly out and in comes tailored pieces, dresses, denim shorts, jeans, checked/printed trouser the list is endless.


So ladies get yourself on trend and invest in a bumbag